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Welcome to RR FITNESS  


40 yrs ago I was born in Portugal in the 4th biggest town in the country. Well know for fish, car industry and football. My future a​s many other kids future would be related to those 3. Working in car industry, become a football player or a fisherman. I did tried those 3 until i realized none were meant to be my future. A opportunity to move to England came and in blink of a eye i was landing in London. At age of 22. I have been working out in in Portugal since i was 16 so my presence in gym ere make some kinda impact right away. Who's this guy? They said. Shaped and strong. The opportunity to compete came soon after i landed and i did not waste my chance. In 2004 only 6 months living in England i went on win the overall Mr Boston beating the best Local bodybuilders.

the beginning

Almost 160 competitions later many victories and loses international and national brought me the caliber and to a standard the i have dream since my first day in the gym back in Portugal. I used to asked the gym owner if i could borrow the muscle magazines so i could Look through them and imagine that was me in them living up the dream to look like those super heroes featured in it.

Back England my career took off after won the biggest local show in the area of Peterborough my reputation went high and i earned my place in the fitness industry. My career as trainer gym manager and a competitor bodybuilder begun and never stop.

Ever since.

Feel no fear

Every decision who make in life will chance your destiny. in bodybuilding fear as a big impact in many people. Fear to go gym and train hard fear to become competitive fear to go to do a show fear to eat clean, fear to do cardio thinking it will lose muscle fear to go under the squat rack and make your biggest lift fear fear to make it happen. Fear is everywhere. I advice you to raise up be courageous and fight. Whatever is your goal's you have got be willing to feel the pain to feel uncomfortable to struggle. but this were you grow. In the gym is were your sacrifice will pay off this were your dreams become reality is were you life can change.

Stay true to yourself, the secret is simple called hard work make no excuses, everyone as different walk but i can tell you its always a long walk.

Is not matter of changing who you are is doing it for what you can become.

Day in day out, rep after rep, meal after meal, your body will deal with stress the physiologic stress this stress calls growth. You create a stronger version of yourself.

You don't need to be a bodybuilding champion or a fitness model star. You can be successful

Just following your vision and accomplished your goal.

Set new standards.

We are into the new year a lot people made their years resolution but will they follow through? if you don't makes changes. your life don't change.

Make a resolution everyday in your life. And when things get tough you don't give up on your goal just find another way. What is your reason to go the gym?what is your motivation to train? Ask this questions. What skills do your need wish steps do you need to do to get the results you want?

What do you must to do to progress?



level 2 fitness instructor

Level 3 fitness instructor

level 4 fitness instructor

level 3 GP Referral

level 4 nutrition consultant

Exercise indoor cycling

boxing exercise instructor

Aqua instructor

Olympic lift Coach

Meta-fit (body-weight training instructor)

SIA (Security industry Authority) Management

Wabba International Professional Bodybuilder

CIBB Profissional Bodybuilder